How much is the market price for the big beige machine

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How much is the market price for the big beige machine

How much is the market price for the big beige machine? Rice is  a kind of food that we often eat. It is a very important staple food  for us Chinese. It is nutritious, has high edible value and is very  popular among people. Nowadays, people demand it not only for us to eat,  but also for good quality. Only good quality rice can be sold  successfully. Thus urges the rice manufacturers to buy the big rice  selection machine to improve the quality of their own rice, want to buy  the big rice selection machine should be to want to understand the big  rice selection machine price, big rice selection machine market price  how much?


What is the market price for the big beige machine? The manufacturer  of big cream-color selecting machine expresses: the price of big  cream-color selecting machine is affected by different factors, for  example, specification, different price also is different, the machine  that 100 tons of big cream-color selects and 1 ton of big cream-color  selects USES affirmation is different; There are not only single - layer  specifications, but also double - layer specifications, and different  channel color selections.

To big cream-colored select machine price, big cream-colored select  machine market price how many, I feel everybody should concern more big  cream-colored select machine which good! Want to know to buy the big  cream-colored sorter of good brand, that use effect and maintain rise to  also save a lot of things, here recommend wen yao intelligent big  cream-colored sorter to everybody, why recommend? There are definitely  merits to recommend:

1. Imported 53.4 megapixel linear array CCD industrial camera with  high precision, high speed sorting, accurate identification and stable  effect;

2. Select the advanced LED light source technology in the current  color selection market, which is durable and stable with features of  long life and low power consumption;

3. Powerful and fully intelligent software operation platform, which can provide multiple mode choices;

4. The treatment system based on the advanced CCD technology has  excellent selection effect on shallow water yellow, small disease spots,  needle point black head and yellow and white. Multiple patterns can be  selected simultaneously. If the white and the different color grains are  selected at the same time, more processing efficiency;

5. Can accurately identify the different color areas within the range  of 0.08mm2, and can freely set the size of the inspection area according  to the requirements of the sorting accuracy;

6. High frequency small air outlet electromagnetic valve with a life  of 1.6 billion times can make your color selecting machine simple  throttle.

You should be right big cream-colored to select machine price, big  cream-colored to select machine market price how many, had understood  somewhat! Wenyao intelligent large beige selection machine is worth  buying, and its price is also very reasonable, cost-effective very high!  Anhui wenyao intelligent photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is a  comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research,  development, production, sales and service of CCD intelligent color  sorter and near-infrared color sorter. Through the implementation of  "standardization", "systematization" and "internationalization" three  strategies to gradually promote the development of the enterprise,  through the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, wenyao intelligent  color selection machine products widely sold at home and abroad, the  user's favor and support.